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Welcome to the Association CC 3E homepage, the site devoted to the coordination of the Eiffage Energie works councils.

The purpose of this site is to present the activities pursued by our association with all the employees of Eiffage Energie and to provide a place to the employees who sit on the member works councils where they can access information relating to them.

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The association


The association was created as a response to the attack in 2013 against our social model. The Eiffage Energie EWC was the victim of an attempt to destroy its economic and social unit through a combined attack by certain trade unions and management in order to demolish the ESU.
Thanks to the action of many trade union activists, with the support of employees and a campaign of resistance over many months, the courts recognised the ESU, 20 years after first recognising it in 1993.
But this attack also made us aware of our system’s fragility.
That is why this association was set up, in addition to committing ourselves to the social activities of the member committees and property assets.
Christmas toys, social tourism and aid to individuals are at the heart of our social and solidarity work.
Based on a wealth of important experience, we wish to unify and develop the councils that will soon become economic and social committees but that will remain faithful to their founding principles of 1945, in particular the economic control of companies and holidays for all. 
Of course, many years have elapsed since then but today in Eiffage Energie we still remain attached to these principles because they are preferable to the current discourse of individualisation and everyone for himself.
We are open to all the Eiffage Energie works councils (ESC) and in future we will likely be open to many others who are encouraged by and attracted to our culture and our principles.
Interested? Do you have any questions?
Please write to us.

Pleasant reading to all.

                        The Association’s Board